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Corporate Health Coaching

Healthier Employees.

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The positive impact my own health journey had on my life helped me develop my mission to help others do the same. The corporate health arena is the ideal platform because it impacts both individuals and businesses.

Since then it's been my mission to help as many people turn their life around. I've found the most fun way to do this is in the corporate health arena not only because I get to impact an individual's life but I also get to impact the businesses.

There are many benefits of corporate health that go beyond what may be perceived. When I approach corporate health clients, I shift the focus from “diet and exercise” to building capacity of organizations by designing a program that emphasizes:

  • Camaraderie
  • Accountability
  • Team building
  • Motivation from those around you
  • Health promotion from your coworkers and leadership that places the team on an equal playing field where management and staff start and finish together

And by doing so, there is a direct impact on:

  • Increased productivity at work
  • Less sick days
  • Improved office environment




For 12 weeks I will be your company's health and nutrition coach. Your team will be able to come directly to me for their health and nutrition needs and also be able to lean on each other for support. I will set up a private Facebook group for you and your team so everyone can share wins, get additional support, and come together for the greater health of everyone involved.

Each person within the program will be provided access to an online course that acts as a hub for our journey together. They will receive a weekly email that includes course material and objectives for the week.

Team members receives:

  • Proven fitness and nutrition strategies they can adjust to their own lifestyle and needs
  • Support from a community
  • Education and on-going training
  • Individualized support as needed

Each program starts with an opening event and presentation that is designed to be informative and motivational. The opening event will also have individual private sessions that include electronic bio-impedance body analysis measurement, personal health passports, in-depth review and evaluation of results, and lifestyle coaching to get started.

Each program ends with a follow-up event that will wrap up the program and set participants off in a new direction in their life.

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